Digitex Futures Price Falls off a Cliff as Losses Pile up

Even though most of the cryptocurrency markets show bullish signs as of right now, not all projects are moving up in a similar fashion. In fact, there is always a chance some individual markets will note big losses when Bitcoin goes on a new run. As far as the Digitex Futures price is concerned, things are not necessarily looking all that great. The losses are piling up across the board, and there is little improvement in sight at this time.

Digitex Futures Price Goes Backward

It is not entirely uncommon to see a handful of crypto markets note severe losses during an overly bullish trend for Bitcoin. As most altcoins tend to lose value in their internal ratio with Bitcoin, that can usually negate some USD-based gains as well. For Digitex Futures, the past few days have been anything but positive. Losses are still piling up all across the board and it seems that trend will not relent in the coming hours.

Over the past 24 hours, the Digitex Futures price has dropped by another 8.95% down to $0.105122. As if that isn’t enough, there is also a 13.53% loss in DGTX/BTC – down to 1,900 Satoshi – and a 12.07% loss in DGTX/ETH – down to 0.0006 ETH. None of these trends will instill a lot of confidence among holders and speculators, although there isn’t too much one can do about this current negative trend.

There is one major development which can help DGTX recover some lost value over the coming weeks and months. The Digitex Exchange software is still being tested behind the scenes as of right now. Although the exchange is expected to launch very soon, it is good to see some further ongoing testing to make sure everything works as expected. April 30th is the official launch date, although it remains to be seen if it can give the DGTX price a healthy nudge.

There is also some debate as to whether or not Digitex Futures should migrate to the Binance Chain. It seems unlikely that will happen in the near future, although there is always a chance BNB will make its way to the Digitex Futures exchange in the coming weeks. While the latter option would make a lot more sense, it remains to be seen how things will play out accordingly.

There is a lot of excitement when it comes to Digitex Futures exchange as of right now. Stephen Pickering can’t wait to trade on this new platform, even though it remains to be seen if the experience can live up to people’s expectations accordingly. This project is crucial for DGTX in many different ways, as the community can’t handle any more disappointment in this regard. The coming weeks will get very interesting for many different reasons.

When looking at the bigger picture, it seems DGTX will have a very rough road ahead, for obvious reasons. The losses are piling up quickly and might grow even worse as Bitcoin continues its bullish run in quick succession. Altcoins tend to suffer when that happens, and Digitex Futures looks incredibly vulnerable in this regard. The coming hours and days will be rather crucial for this market, albeit the outcome might not be overly positive.

Disclaimer: This is not trading or investment advice. The above article is for entertainment and education purposes only. Please do your own research before purchasing or investing into any cryptocurrency.