Digitex Futures Price Rises Following Exchange Launch Announcement

The entire cryptocurrency industry is plagued by a major increase in bearish pressure today It seems none of the top markets can make a meaningful comeback, which is not entirely surprising. Further down the rankings, however, it would appear the Digitex Futures price is trying to reclaim some lost ground. It has been a while since the project made some waves, after all.

Digitex Futures Price Creates Some Waves

When Bitcoin is struggling during the weekend, some of the lower ranked altcoins tend to rise in value. Correlations like these make cryptocurrency such an interesting and exciting industry at all times. Additionally, it is important to keep tabs on all alternative markets and not just look at the top 25. While not everyone agrees lower-ranked projects will be successful in the end, Digitex Futures gets people talking every now and then.

Over the past few hours, there has been a remarkable Digitex Futures price trend. Following a 6.1% gain in USD value, one DGTX is now priced at $0.0512. There is also a 7% gain in BTC value and a 9.2% increase in DGTX/ETH. All of these signs are very promising, especially when looking at the overall bearish pressure affecting virtually every other market right now.

What is somewhat worrisome for this token, however, is how the overall trading volume fails to impress. A project valued at $37.7m should be capable of noting one-third of its market cap in trading volume. In the case of DGTX, the volume sits at just $2.9m, or less than 10% of its market valuation. Not the statistic people are looking for, although it might not have much of an impact in the long run,

The big news of this week is how the Digitex Treasury Token sale has begun. This also coincides with the announcement of launching the Digitex Futures Exchange, which will go live on April 30th. Many people have high expectations regarding this new platform, although it remains to be seen if the developers can deliver. Launching a new exchange will always attract some attention.

Theo Constantinides is quite happy with the way Digitex Futures is performing as of late. He expects the exchange launch to effectively create a massive demand for DGTX in the weeks to come. It also appears the platform will allow users to trade without fees, which is something everyone can appreciate.

Although the current price swing tends to favor DGTX, this momentum can evaporate in very quick succession and when people least expect it. It is never worth it to chase a pump or a market rising in value. Some excitement will materialize regarding the Digitex Futures Exchange, but that is rather common when it comes to announcements in this industry. The actual product release, on the other hand, tends to trigger a sell-off more often than not.

Disclaimer: This is not trading or investment advice. The above article is for entertainment and education purposes only. Please do your own research before purchasing or investing into any cryptocurrency.