Cobinhood Isn’t Pulling an Exit Scam Following DXN Price Collapse

There appear to be numerous conflicting pieces of information regarding the Cobinhood cryptocurrency exchange. While it is evident for everyone to see the company is struggling, tales of its exit scam are vastly overstated. Moreover, there is plenty of DXN token drama, which also affects this trading platform at an unfortunate time. There are still a lot of unanswered questions, but it seems the company will continue to operate for …
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COB is undervalued – Market price should rise soon

The most fascinating and young industry that has people hooked, even if some do not understand why they are involved, is cryptocurrency. With barely a decade on the market, the world of Bitcoin, success stories and becoming rich in the virtual trading world, have transformed the economic and financial world. Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Article Why is the crypto scene so prolific? When Bitcoin come along, it introduced the …
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With the cryptocurrency industry becoming a lot more popular lately, it is only normal that there is more competition among exchanges and trading platforms. Right now, most centralized exchanges have a few things in common, including trading fees and a lack of tradable currencies. With COBINHOOD, that situation will change sooner rather than later. It is the world’s first zero-fee exchange for cryptocurrency tradingĀ and is entirely funded through its initial …
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