COB is undervalued – Market price should rise soon

The most fascinating and young industry that has people hooked, even if some do not understand why they are involved, is cryptocurrency. With barely a decade on the market, the world of Bitcoin, success stories and becoming rich in the virtual trading world, have transformed the economic and financial world.

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Why is the crypto scene so prolific?

When Bitcoin come along, it introduced the life-changing blockchain technology that made it possible for people to do business without having to trust each other, in a secure, democratic way, while eliminating intermediaries and centralized ledgers. How?

All online activities are organized into chunks of data named blocks which are linked to one another forming a blockchain. What is intriguing is the fact that there is no need for banks to verify transactions, instead it is an ingenious system that arranges all transactions into chunks of data.

Moreover, computers – miners – monitor, verify and record the transactions, securing and solving issues in order for everything to be safe and functional. Basically, it is a public ledger that records crypto transactions.

Each cryptocurrency has its own blockchain, that employs the use of virtual tokens and coins, which in fact describe units of blockchain value.

Take Cobinhood, for example, a modern crypto service platform, which has embraced all the benefits of this ingenious technology. It has focused on: how to maximize traders’ profits, by providing a decentralized exchange system and a Daap center, transparency and real-time trading in support of businesses everywhere.

Does Cobinhood have its own ICO?

Yes, it does. Cobinhood has introduced their token symbol – COB, that has many utilities and brings a lot of advantages for token holders, and at the moment their price is low creating just the right opportunity to invest. If you think this doesn’t make sense, you might want to reconsider.

First of all, in Economics 101, we are told that the price of an asset on the market is based on supply and demand. Once the demand rises, the supplies shortens, determining the price of that asset to begin growing steadily. In crypto-economics, the approach is similar, meaning that an excessive increase in the turnover of tokens on the market will inevitably lead to depreciation. As a result, buying a token when the price is low, can lead to an increase in value afterwards enabling users to sell high.

Consequently, Cobinhood has a total supply of 1,000,000,000 COB, and the rate is $0.102383 USD, therefore investors, or users on the platform have a chance of buying low, expecting for the value to rise. Plus, they are the first crypto to bring in the bonus feature – 0 transactional costs, attracting many supporters by their side.

Since they believe in constant upgrade and improvement, 100% of the proceeds from the COBINHOOD ICO are used to fund the development of the exchange platform.

Why Cobinhood Attracts Many Investors

This company has proved to be reliable, has delivered high-quality services using cutting-edge technology, profitable and truly involved with their customers.

For instance, when they did stress tests created to push the platform to its limits, COBINHOOD averaged 1,154,284 orders and 10,142 order book updates per second for each trading pair — making it the first cryptocurrency exchange capable of true high-frequency trading.

The company took into account how cryptocurrency exchanges are frequent targets of cybercrime; therefore, Cobinhood uses a  two-factor authentication (2FA) to log in, and withdrawals require an extra email confirmation, in order to prevent embezzlement or any hacking activity.

Another essential factor that is making Cobinhood gain popularity, is the way it deals with liquidity issues. Their team uses an ICO underwriting service that only underwrites first-rate, promising ICOs that have passed stringent due diligence, smart contract code reviews, along with legal compliance reviews.

Finally, the crypto scene is not an easy one, and users find themselves more than once needing assistance and support. Unfortunately, there are many crypto exchange platforms with significant trading fees that offer poor customer service. In this respect, Cobinhood aims to maximize return on investment for all customers and has a 24/7 team of professionals that is constantly available for the clients.

If you are interested in learning more about the COBINHOOD exchange, platform, or ICO, please visit the COBINHOOD website for more details and support.