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Storj Offers Free Decentralized Cloud Storage to Coronavirus Researchers

During the coronavirus crisis, many companies have shifted their attention to blockchain and distributed ledgers. Storj, the data storage solution utilizing DLT, has now announced its COVID-19 Storage Program.  It is commendable to see existing blockchain service providers get in on the coronavirus action. Storj Helps Coronavirus Researchers More specifically, a lot of companies try to contribute in whatever way possible. One option to explore is the service that Storj …
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The Evolution of Backup, Storage, and Cyber Protection

With new tech arising, many are concerned about the future of cybersecurity, backups, and internet privacy. A good way that we can help predict what might come in the future is to take a look in the past to see challenges overcome and threats handled. Data storage in digital form, as compared to a tape or a drum, was first made by IBM with the RAMAC 305 released in 1956. …
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Payment Processor Paspagon enters public beta

DOLASZEWO, Poland — Paspagon, a cryptocurrency payment processor operated by the Myto company, has announced entering public beta state. The service allows anyone to sell any file, leveraging the power and elasticity of cloud storage. Consumers may be either anonymous and optionally restricted by country, or explicitly authorized by the seller. Paspagon targets various entities – from individual users to companies – without imposing the need of being a programmer …
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