Storj Offers Free Decentralized Cloud Storage to Coronavirus Researchers

During the coronavirus crisis, many companies have shifted their attention to blockchain and distributed ledgers. Storj, the data storage solution utilizing DLT, has now announced its COVID-19 Storage Program. 

It is commendable to see existing blockchain service providers get in on the coronavirus action.

Storj Helps Coronavirus Researchers

More specifically, a lot of companies try to contribute in whatever way possible.

One option to explore is the service that Storj is providing.

Its COVID-19 Storage Program is designed to offer storage solutions to researchers.

Any organization working to fight the coronavirus pandemic can receive 1TB of free cloud storage and bandwidth per month for the next year.

All of this will be powered by the Tardigrade decentralized cloud storage platform.

This solution ensures that all data stored will be permanently accessible and cannot be tampered with.

Storj will also provide 5PB of data and storage toward COVID-19 research outside of this particular offer.

This initiative will help highlight the benefits of decentralized cloud storage leveraging blockchain technology.

Anyone can apply for this offer by Storj, assuming they meet the initial requirements.

During the coronavirus, no one wants to worry about data storage and censorship or evidence tampering.

Choosing a reliable and decentralized solution is the best option to explore in that regard.