Payment Processor Paspagon enters public beta

DOLASZEWO, Poland — Paspagon, a cryptocurrency payment processor operated by the Myto company, has announced entering public beta state. The service allows anyone to sell any file, leveraging the power and elasticity of cloud storage. Consumers may be either anonymous and optionally restricted by country, or explicitly authorized by the seller.

Paspagon targets various entities – from individual users to companies – without imposing the need of being a programmer or having a dedicated hardware. In particular, Myto hopes to attract individuals that previously have not been selling their files at all, due to the various types of burden related to that process.

Sellers have high level of control over their files as Paspagon never gets write access to them and read access can be revoked at any time. Paspagon currently integrates with the Amazon Web Services cloud, hence existing AWS-related tools can be used to faciliate file upload and to build services on top of it.

The payment process is smooth as a customer needs only to broadcast a transaction after coming to Paspagon. Having that done, file download is started automatically. In this sense, Paspagon advertises itself as a zero click payment processor. Further improvements in this area are possible, as Paspagon uses the semi-standard HTTP status code 402 Payment Required.

Bitcoin and BlackCoin are the supported cryptocurrencies. Thanks to low fees, it is possible to sell files for prices as low as 0.001 BTC or 1 BLK. Although Bitcoin fees are currently higher than BlackCoin’s, Myto plans to lessen this disproportion when the Bitcoin Classic fork is adopted and higher block size will make network transaction fees lower.

Myto hopes to establish a new customer relations standard by combining legal terms with the service manual and by updating the terms via Git commits which can be tracked using an Atom feed. The company criticizes the common Internet habit of allowing covert updates of terms of service which customers are legally obliged to track.

The initial release supports only file-related payments, but the company considers extending the service to support also arbitrary payments.

Founded in 2015, Myto sp. z o. o. sp. k. is a Polish company aimed at providing payment-related cryptocurrency services, registered at Sąd Rejonowy Poznań-Nowe Miasto i Wilda Wydział Ⅸ Gospodarczy.

Press Contact:
Krzysztof Jurewicz – [email protected]

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