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Lending and profit on the blockchain – Bitstrades targets new markets

Considering how much bureaucracy goes into getting a loan, it is not surprising that peer to peer lending has become so popular. It leverages tech platforms to allow users to negotiate and enact loans between themselves. One of the more promising developments in recent times is that of how blockchain technology can make this kind of lending more efficient and secure. Blockchain technology is both secure and transparent, which dramatically …
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Bitstrades Coin to Help Individuals Become Un-banked and Reach Financial Freedom

Banks are prone to get clients into financial trouble. From becoming bankrupt and losing the clients’ money to charging high commissions based on contract clauses that no one knew about, many believe that banks are no longer the future of the financial market. Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Article Bitstrades Coin represents a newly-launched open source digital currency that helps create transactions, investments, and interests which are out of government …
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