Bitstrades Coin to Help Individuals Become Un-banked and Reach Financial Freedom

Banks are prone to get clients into financial trouble. From becoming bankrupt and losing the clients’ money to charging high commissions based on contract clauses that no one knew about, many believe that banks are no longer the future of the financial market.

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Bitstrades Coin represents a newly-launched open source digital currency that helps create transactions, investments, and interests which are out of government control, and decentralized by nature. Thanks to its large number of benefits, the technology is basically capable of leading individuals to financial freedom through the process of un-banking. It brings about numerous investment possibilities, but also high interest earnings on investments.

Some of the main benefits associated with this cryptocurrency include its decentralized nature, thus making it free from political involvement and regulatory issues; instant peer-to-peer transactions made via the internet without the use of a middleman; a minimal currency feed through mining meant to increase demand and help the coins hold their value; a fluid nature where coins can be exchanged to cash when needed; UPTO 40% return monthly thanks to smart investment policies; security and more. The coins can be held by the users for value appreciation, invested into various businesses and start-ups and in the future, users will also be able to use them as a method of payment on numerous partner websites.

The Bitstrades Coin ICO was launched on the 20th of September, and so far, it has managed to raise over $8.8 million, thus showcasing massive investor interest. Roughly 6.4 million BSS coins will be sold until the end of the Initial Coin Offering, representing around 20% of the total supply.

The developers behind Bitstrades Coins have also set up an exchange and lending platform: Bitstrades. There, users can go ahead and hold the BSS coins in the staking wallet and hence receive interest in return, invest BSS and get a fixed daily profit on the lending platform, trade the currency by purchasing it at a lower price and selling once the value soars thanks to price fluctuations, and last but not least, mine BSS coins.

Based on everything that has been outlined so far, if everything turns out a success, Bitstrades Coins will be capable of helping individuals become unbanked, and hence lead them into financial freedom. The potential of the technology is virtually limited.

For more information about the open-source digital currency, feel free to access the coin website, and the trading platform.