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Git Money Creates Work-Based Bitcoin Payment Option For Freelancers

Developers are always looking for ways to contribute to new or existing projects, although they hardly ever get the recognition they deserve. Moreover, without good developers, there would be very little usable software and platforms, especially in the Bitcoin world. 21 Inc has released the Git Money project which makes it easy for coders to get paid for all of their GitHub pull requests. Also read: ETH Price Goes Up …
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21 Inc Brings Bitcoin Computer To 32 European Countries

It has been a long time coming, but the 21 Bitcoin Computer is finally shipping to European countries as well. Up until this point, the device was only available to customers in the US and Canada, although more countries had been announced in the past. Now that European Bitcoin enthusiasts can purchase 21’s flagship device, future development on blockchain technology and digital currency use cases are just on the horizon. …
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21 Inc Bitcoin Computer Is Much More Than A Mining Device

Even though the 21 Inc. Bitcoin Computer was greeted with a lot of skepticism and doubts; it looks like the project’s biggest opponents are slowly coming around to see the value of the device. Priced at US$399, it was only normal to see so many people doubt what the device would actually be capable of, and as it turns out, the Bitcoin Computer is quite an efficient gadget. Also read: …
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