Git Money Creates Work-Based Bitcoin Payment Option For Freelancers

Developers are always looking for ways to contribute to new or existing projects, although they hardly ever get the recognition they deserve. Moreover, without good developers, there would be very little usable software and platforms, especially in the Bitcoin world. 21 Inc has released the Git Money project which makes it easy for coders to get paid for all of their GitHub pull requests.

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Git Money Is Very Intriguing

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Coming up with new and creative ways to get paid for all of the hard work put in by a developer is quite important to anyone with coding skills. Unlike most traditional or freelance jobs, a developer’s work is simply never finished. There are always tweaks and improvements to be made or new and exciting projects on the horizon.

Git Money seems to be an interesting step in the right direction, as it would allow coders to make additional money on every pull request they make on GitHub. Keeping in mind how most software projects on a freelance basis are located on GitHub, this is an excellent way to increase earnings, but also for project managers to incentive developers to spend more hours working on this particular project.

This creates a great way for developers and coders to let their work speak volumes, making the location they work from completely irrelevant. In this day and age, there is no apparent demand for coders to relocate to a company’s headquarters, as technology allows for remote work quite easily. In the end, all that matters is the quality of the work provided, rather than where the task is being performed from.

But there is more to Git Money than just a way for coders to earn more money, as it can be used for all types of freelancers. There is a growing demand for graphical artists, video editors, and social media professionals, all of whom could be paid through this solution, or a slightly modified version at least. A list of Bitcoin-payable issues can be found here.

Running the Git Money on one’s repository is not all that difficult, as all it requires is an active repository on GitHub, BitGo Express, and a 21 Bitcoin Computer. Full instructions can be found on the dedicated GitHub page, and links to the repository can be spread across social media platforms, including Reddit and Twitter.

Source: Github

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