21 Inc Bitcoin Computer Is Much More Than A Mining Device

Even though the 21 Inc. Bitcoin Computer was greeted with a lot of skepticism and doubts; it looks like the project’s biggest opponents are slowly coming around to see the value of the device. Priced at US$399, it was only normal to see so many people doubt what the device would actually be capable of, and as it turns out, the Bitcoin Computer is quite an efficient gadget.

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Bitcoin Computer – More Than Meets The EyeTheMerkle_21 Inc Bitcoin Computer

Even though 21 Inc’s Bitcoin Computer may look like a Raspberry Pi 2 B with a fancy enclosure, there is much more to the device than meets the eye. In fact, the mining chip on board of these devices is incredibly power efficient, even though the mining speed of the device is not making anyone rich overnight. But that was never the intended goal to begin with.

Integrating such a powerful and energy-efficient mining chip into a device as small as the Bitcoin Miner provides interesting opportunities. This is a clear example of how Bitcoin mining chips can, in theory, be embedded into any type of device in the future, no matter how big or small they are.

Additionally, this will help get Bitcoin in the hands of everyday consumers without verification processed to wade through. Bitcoin Computer owners provide consumers with a way to generate Bitcoin while spending very little on maintenance costs when running the device itself.

That being said, many people still see the US$399 price tag as a major hurdle to overcome. This all depends on how one looks at the device, as they will never earn the investment back from mining alone. In fact, the 21 Inc Bitcoin Computer is not even a consumer device, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be used by novice users.

Consumers looking to experiment in the world of technology and development might find what they are looking for in the Bitcoin Computer. By providing a playground for aspiring coders to test out ideas and deal with the same technical challenges as the rest of the community, 21 Inc has put together a very competent device.

It will take some time until everyone starts to appreciate to value being brought to the Bitcoin ecosystem by 21 Inc. Rather than just looking at the device’s mining prowess, it is a convenient way to support the network, create a developer sandbox, and even generate positive attention for Bitcoin in general.

What are your thoughts on the 21 Inc. Bitcoin Miner? Do you see the value of this device beyond the mining aspect? Let us know in the comments below!

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