21 Inc Brings Bitcoin Computer To 32 European Countries

It has been a long time coming, but the 21 Bitcoin Computer is finally shipping to European countries as well. Up until this point, the device was only available to customers in the US and Canada, although more countries had been announced in the past. Now that European Bitcoin enthusiasts can purchase 21’s flagship device, future development on blockchain technology and digital currency use cases are just on the horizon.

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Buying the 21 Bitcoin Computer In Europe

TheMerkle_Bitcoin Computer 21 Inc

While US and Canadian counterparts can purchase the 21 Bitcoin computer from local Amazon websites, European residents will have to go through the 21 Inc website to make their purchase. This means the device will be shipped from the United States, and additional VAT charges will be added on top of the final sales price in most regions.

That being said, the addition of 32 European countries to the list of areas where 21 Inc is shipping their Bitcoin computer to, is great news for the digital currency ecosystem as a whole. There are plenty of Bitcoin enthusiast sin Europe who can’t wait to get their hands on this device and tinker around with it to see what it can do.

On the software side, the 21 Bitcoin computer comes with the same toolchain as the US and Canada version, putting all developers on a level playing field. Payment for the device can occur through credit card or Bitcoin, and shipping charges will depend on the destination country.

Keeping in mind how the Bitcoin Computer is the fastest way to learn how to build Bitcoin applications, the device can make a big impact in Europe over the next few years. Not just developers, but also schools and universities can take advantage of this device to get acquainted with digital currency and blockchain technology.

Additionally, the 21 Inc Bitcoin computer has a built-in Bitcoin mining chip, which can start generating fractions of digital currency from the moment it is plugged in. While there is no visual representation of the mining process – it all takes places through the command line – this will be a great way to explain the proof of work concept to novice users.

Last but not least, 21 Inc announced they are still on track to ship the Bitcoin computer to all countries around the world shortly. The primary focus now shifts towards getting the device to Asia, and more updates regarding shipping and availability will be posted in the 21 Inc Slack channel.

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