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Pizzafuif Is The Newest Arnhem Bitcoincity Member

A lot of people within the Bitcoin community are well aware of the Arnhem Bitcoincity initiative, which has signed up over 100 merchant sin the region to accept cryptocurrency payments. But the team is not resting on their laurels, as they have recently added yet another participant to the list, right in time for Bitcoin Pizza Day three weeks from now. Arnhem Bitcoincity Adds Pizzafuif Entrepreneurs all over the world …
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Burger King Arnhem Rewards Bitcoin Customers With Free Whopper

Getting merchants on board of the Bitcoin train is a massive feat these days, despite all of the advantages associated with digital currency payments. Merchants can save a lot of money on overhead costs by accepting Bitcoin, and hopefully, pass those savings along to customers. Burger King Arnhem seems to be thinking along those lines, although they are a bit more creative about it.  Who wouldn’t like a free Whopper, …
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