Pizzafuif Is The Newest Arnhem Bitcoincity Member

A lot of people within the Bitcoin community are well aware of the Arnhem Bitcoincity initiative, which has signed up over 100 merchant sin the region to accept cryptocurrency payments. But the team is not resting on their laurels, as they have recently added yet another participant to the list, right in time for Bitcoin Pizza Day three weeks from now.

Arnhem Bitcoincity Adds Pizzafuif

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Entrepreneurs all over the world come up with some of the most creative ideas now and then, and Pizzafuif in The Netherlands is no different in that regard. Think of this concept as a mobile authentic Italian oven to bake pizzas in, which can now be paid for in Bitcoin. A great addition to the Arnhem Bitcoincity initiative to say the least, as their list of participants, keeps growing.

Explaining the Pizzafuif concept is quite interesting too, as the business model has been around for quite some time. It all dates back to 2007 when Pizzafuif CEO Frits De Vries got passionate about baking pizzas in a traditional Italian oven. After a lot of experimentation and learning more about the principle of these ovens, he decided to create his own ovens over the past few years.

Although baking pizzas for friends and family has been quite a fun experience, De Vries decided to take things to the next level in 2015. Pizzafuif was created, and the mobile authentic Italian pizza oven was born. People can “rent” this service for their party, wedding, or just getting together with family and friends. So far, the concept has been quite successful

To attract even more attention in the Arnhem area. Pizzafuif became a member of the Arnhem Bitcoincity initiative this week. Anyone who wants to rent this mobile authentic pizza oven can do so and pay for it in Bitcoin, which opens up exciting opportunities for the future. Moreover, it makes it relatively easy for De Vries to accept Bitcoins without waiting on invoices to be paid or dealing with banks.

This is especially good news for people in the Arnhem area who want to celebrate Bitcoin Pizza Day on May 22nd. As is the objective of this day, Bitcoin enthusiasts should pay for a pizza with Bitcoin in honor of the first Bitcoin transaction for physical goods to ever be recorded. Why not ask for Pizzafuif to drop by and bake some delicious pizzas on the go?

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