Burger King Arnhem Rewards Bitcoin Customers With Free Whopper

Getting merchants on board of the Bitcoin train is a massive feat these days, despite all of the advantages associated with digital currency payments. Merchants can save a lot of money on overhead costs by accepting Bitcoin, and hopefully, pass those savings along to customers. Burger King Arnhem seems to be thinking along those lines, although they are a bit more creative about it.  Who wouldn’t like a free Whopper, courtesy of Burger King?

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Pay in Bitcoin, Get A Free Whopper

TheMerkle_Burger KIng Bitcoin Whopper

That seems to be the mindset of Burger King Arnhem right now, based on the information provided to us in this Reddit post. While it is nothing short of commendable to see such a major fast food chain accept Bitcoin payments, the fact they pass along savings to customer sis even more amazing.

A lot of merchants and retailers dealing with digital currency payments do not offer particular discounts when making a payment. Granted, online orders can be quite different from in-store purchases in this regard, although the end result should be the same in either case. Frictionless payment methods for the business owner should lead to some form of reward for the customer.

A lot of businesses are struggling with that mindset though, whereas larger brands have an easier time giving discounts or promotions to their customers. Burger King Arnhem decided to reward Bitcoin customers with a free Whopper, a lovely token of gratitude for using the popular digital currency as a payment method.

It is a lot easier for Burger King to offer a free Whopper than it is for a gift shop to give away free items. But at the same time, there are different types of promotions and discounts businesses can use, and free items is just one of the many options. Even a minor price discount when paying with Bitcoin would go a long way, as long as it makes financial sense to the business owner.

Arnhem in The Netherlands remains one of the places any bitcoin enthusiasts should visit at some point in their life. With 100 retailers accepting Bitcoin payments – a number that will keep on growing by the look of things – there is plenty to see, eat, and buy with digital currency. None of this would be possible without the dedication of the Arnhem Bitcoincity team though, as their hard work is starting to pay.

Source: Reddit

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