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Worldpay’s Peter Tran Remains Skeptical About Blockchain for Cybersecurity

“In the cybersecurity industry, there’s always a new shiny ‘tech toy’ or novel approach around the corner, so it’s important to not be myopic that blockchain for cybersecurity will be akin to finding the cure for the common cold. As promising as blockchain may be, the industry is far from universal adoption,” warns Peter Tran, Vice President and Head of Global Cyber Defense & Security Strategy at Worldpay. As cybersecurity …
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British Travelers to US Have to Forfeit Social Media Passwords and Other Sensitive Data

As a part of the Trump administration’s vetting process, travelers from European countries including the UK, France and Germany could be subjected to extensive security protocols in US-based airports. According to the US Customs and Border Patrol (CBP), travelers from the three countries could be asked to forfeit passwords of social media accounts and phone numbers amongst other sensitive data. In an interview, representatives of CBP stated: “All international travellers …
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Antimalware Windows Security Software Review – MalwareFox

Most malware protection suits focus on doing one thing right, yet do not success in providing users with the full security solution they need. MalwareFox is doing things a bit differently, as they focus on both malware removal and decrypting ransomware. Protecting computers against all possible threats is the number one priority for this company. However, can this software kit live up to its expectations? Reviewing the MalwareFox Security Suite It …
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