Antimalware Windows Security Software Review – MalwareFox

Most malware protection suits focus on doing one thing right, yet do not success in providing users with the full security solution they need. MalwareFox is doing things a bit differently, as they focus on both malware removal and decrypting ransomware. Protecting computers against all possible threats is the number one priority for this company. However, can this software kit live up to its expectations?

Reviewing the MalwareFox Security Suite

It has to be said, installing MalwareFox is a breeze. The installation process takes less than a minute to complete, after which users can automatically execute their first system scan. It does the job quite thoroughly without interfering with other processes running in the background, which is always good to see. In fact, performing a system scan takes mere minutes, making MalwareFox one of the most convenient solutions to date.

One thing users may notice right out of the gate is how MalwareFox performs a thorough analysis. Not only does it check for malicious files on the computer, but it will also look at the browser’s settings. Since most malware and ransomware is downloaded through the browser, it only makes sense security solutions would check if there are lingering suspicious settings. All of this can be done within the 15-day free trial, which is very nice.

MalwareFox takes things one step further as well, as it is capable of keeping ransomware at bay. Keeping in mind how serious of a threat ransomware has become over the past few years, it is of the utmost importance to keep computers safe from harm. MalwareFox offers this protection through its lightweight client, which receives regular updates to thwart any zero-day exploits hackers may try to take advantage of. Convenience and security seemingly come together when using MalwareFox, which makes it a potent solution.

malwarefox user interface

As one would expect, the free license will only get users so far. It does the job in terms of detecting and removing malware, as well as clean up the browser. However, for ransomware protection, users need to obtain the premium license for the price of US$29.95 per year. It is a very small price to pay for security, especially when considering this license can be used across three different computers simultaneously. Based on our preliminary usage of MalwareFox, getting the premium license seems to be a no-brainer at this point.

Looking over the list of ransomware types MalwareFox can protect against, it is evident the company knows what they are doing. Several dozen ransomware strains can be safely decrypted with the help of the company’s helpful links. Paying the bitcoin ransom demanded by hackers is never the answer to restoring computer access in the first place. Even when the funds are paid, no one knows for sure if and when they will receive the decryption key to access one’s files again. Protecting a computer with the proper software is the only viable course of action.

All things considered, MalwareFox is a very pleasant security tool to use that doesn’t drain computer resources. Security suites do not have to be a burden on one’s system, as that only makes the task of protecting the machine more tedious. MalwareFox is a powerful tool that works as advertised. The fair price for their Premium license is more than justifiable, especially when using multiple computers in your household.

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