Christina Comben

Christina is a B2B reporter, copywriter, and MBA, specializing in technology and finance. She has worked with many clients in the fintech, blockchain, and cybersecurity space, developing a passion for these dynamic and evolving areas.

Here Are 3 Good Ways to Fill the Blockchain Talent Gap

With all the interest surrounding blockchain tech, it’s not surprising that there’s been a rise in demand for qualified blockchain…

3 years ago

What Is Sustainable Mining and Why Is It Important?  

Bitcoin mining consumes a huge amount of electricity. That’s no secret. Many a would-be miner has been stopped in their…

3 years ago

Africa Could See the World’s Fastest Blockchain Growth

When we think about Africa, our minds often flood with images of hunger, hardship, disease, natural disasters, and maybe even…

3 years ago

The UK Clamps Down on Cryptocurrency Operations

We’re used to hearing about regulation by now. But most of the news that makes the headlines comes from the United…

3 years ago

The Blockchain Can Help Us Clean up Our Act

If you think a lot of talk about blockchains is garbage, it’s only fitting to let you know that some…

3 years ago

If You Don’t Have Enough Vices, Add Cryptocurrency Addiction to Your List

Addiction. It’s a human weakness even the most staunchly disciplined among us wrestle with. You may not struggle with the…

3 years ago

Blockchain Tech Could Accelerate AI Initiatives

Blockchain technology holds vast potential. The deeper you delve down the rabbit hole of hashes and nodes, the more intricate…

3 years ago

The Dreaded GDPR Is Here: Non-Compliant Companies Had Better Get Their Checkbooks Ready

It’s rather like the effects of smoking, or slouching, or eating too much sugar. You know you shouldn't do it.…

3 years ago

What Is Facebook Going to Do with Blockchain Tech?

Facebook’s silence around blockchain was deafening. Louder still were the voices of speculation over its lack of comment. If one of…

3 years ago

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