How to Use Live Video for Your Business

Live video in today’s internet is changing the way people watch video as a whole and can be used to build your business. 8 out of every 10 people would watch video that is live rather than read a blog post or social media post. But what are people watching live now? 56% are watching breaking news, 43% of people are watching conferences and music concerts, and 30% are watching sports events.

In 2019, YouTube’s live streams from Coachella garnered 82 million live views during the first weekend of the festival. Live streams are getting extremely popular as viewers can see that in real time and act on the content with their comment. Youtube is allowing you to live stream and later save it so those who can’t see the live stream can enjoy the video later on. Video marketing through YouTube is a wonderful way to attract more viewers. But getting a desired engagement and connecting with more audience is a crucial task. Utilizing YouTube promotion services to promote your content gives plenty of benefits.


Going live can capture the attention of many people as only 20% of people read an article completely, most only read the quarter of an article like this one, and 69% of users prefer video to text when learning about a brand. Live video can also be more effective at teaching potential customers in several different ways. Live streams have higher engagement as live streams draw 6 times the engagement of video on demand. 97% of consumers are willing to share live video on social media making live video have a much larger reach rather than traditional video, and 2 out of every 3 who watch a stream will purchase tickets to a similar even.


By 2022, video will be expected to make up 82% of all traffic across the internet, so how do companies use live video? Companies use live video in a huge variety of ways. Companies make live Q and A sessions, webinars, live events, crowdsourcing, and behind the scenes, to give your followers a peek inside the company, and demonstrate your trustworthiness and company and culture. Behind the scenes are also massively popular as 87% of internet users want more behind the scenes content.