Airbitz Introduces API To Integrate Bitcoin Into Every App

Airbitz, one of the leading Bitcoin wallet providers, has released their plugin API. In doing so, the company will see plugins being developed for their platform The first Airbitz “plugin” is Bitrefill, which offers mobile minute top ups in exchange for cryptocurrency payments. This is positive news for the Bitcoin ecosystem as a whole, as it will create a lot of new use cases.

The Airbitz Bitcoin Wallet Plugin API Is Here

One of the best ways to boost Bitcoin adoption is by integrating services to spend cryptocurrency in the wallet apps themselves. Airbitz has always been leading the charge in this regard, and they have taken things to the next level. By creating their Bitcoin Wallet Plugin API, service providers can own create plugins for the mobile app.

It has to be said; this feature has been around for quite some time now. In 2015, Airbitz released the plugin API to offer their integrated Glidera Bitcoin buy and sell service. Additionally, the Fold app uses the same API for their discounted Target and Starbucks gift cards.

That being said, the first “official” partner using the Airbitz Plugin API is Bitrefill. This mobile top-up service has been offering its services in exchange for Bitcoin for quite some time now. Keeping in mind how this service is available in over 140 countries, the functionality will become available to all Airbitz users shortly.

What makes the Airbitz Plugin API so appealing is how it can be used to access the wallet and send and receive funds. Additionally, it can also authenticate with BitID, and save encrypted private data through the Airbitz Edge Security Platform. All of the plugins will be audited by the Airbitz team, and applications will be released on a monthly basis.

Any application or service in the Bitcoin space will be able to use the Airbitz Plugin API from now on. Although this will boost mobile usage to new heights, web and desktop services can still use the Airbitz SDK to offer similar functionality. Slowly but surely, the cryptocurrency ecosystem continues to mature.

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