Caricoin Boosts Bitcoin Adoption In The Caribbean

More and more companies and services are focusing their attention on Bitcoin as of late. Caricoin Ltd has launched a new mobile wallet solution, bringing Bitcoin to the Caribbean. Interested users can download the app free of charge, allowing them to send and receive money on a no-fee basis.

A Bitcoin Initiative In The Caribbean

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It is the first time a company looks to build custom Bitcoin solutions for a specific region. Most mobile wallet versions operate on a global scale, offering the same experience to all of its users. But Caricoin Ltd. is taking a different approach, as they focus on consumers and enterprises in the Caribbean specifically.

The company has teamed up with BitGo to create a secure mobile Bitcoin wallet. Opening an account is as simple as downloading the app, and linking it to a mobile number. Once that has been completed, the user is officially a part of the Bitcoin network. Moreover, they can start receiving and sending coins at no fee.

The primary objective for Caricoin is to put people at the heart of all transactions. There is an integrated chat feature for communicating with other users. Moreover, mobile credit can be topped up through the Caricoin wallet anywhere within the Caribbean. Doing so creates an instant use case for Bitcoin in the region as well.

With nearly half of the Caribbean population being unbanked, Bitcoin seems to be a logical step in the economic evolution. Since the network is permissionless and open, anyone can embrace Bitcoin as a financial service. Caricoin is also working on a zero-cost remittance solution. This would work by letting users buy Bitcoin through the app, and send them home to other users. These transfers can then be cashed out locally, or used to pay bills.

Anyone in the world can use Bitcoin as a currency regardless of how the regulatory landscape may dictate otherwise. There is no one to control Bitcoin, making it a sound currency by the people for the people. It will be interesting to see how this solution impacts finance in the Caribbean in the coming years.

Source; PR Web

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