Third-Party Telco Messes Up Bitcoin Mobile Top-up Through Bitrefill

Even though Bitcoin can be used to complete a variety of actions, some services will only work well as long as the other service providers they are linked up with, do the job well. In the case of Bitrefill, a report has surfaced about one of their mobile recharges being stuck with the operator itself. As a result, the end customer unable to top up their credit with Bitcoin in time, and had to resort to fiat currency.

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Bitrefill Suffers Setback Due To Third Party Provider


Services such as Bitrefill provide a great opportunity for digital currency users who want to top up their mobile credit balance. Rather than using fiat currency to do so, Bitcoin provides a more than viable alternative to these digital services. To many people relying on mobile top-ups, services like these are a godsend.

At the same time, consumers tend to forget Bitrefill would not be able to deliver their service without the cooperation of mobile telco’s. Unfortunately, this also means Bitrefill relies on those third-party telco’s to provide that service to customers throughout the country, and that is not always the case.

A report has surfaced on Reddit detailing how one customer paid Bitcoin to Bitrefill for a mobile top-up, yet he did not receive the credit in time. This can cause a major issue in certain countries as services can be shut down if the outstanding balance is not being paid on time. That user experienced a major delay in receiving the credit and had to top-up with fiat currency.

However, Bitrefill is not the issue in this story, but rather the telco in question. Once Bitrefill processes the top-up, the funds are sent to the telco in question and the funds will then be credited to the right account. Or that would have been the case if the funds had not gotten stuck with the operator itself.

Resolving these issues will take up valuable time, as telco’s are not the fastest when it comes to addressing opened support tickets. There is only so much Bitrefill can do for customers as long as the issue is on their end. It can take a few days, or even weeks until the funds are credited to the right account.

Telco’s run on old-fashioned services and infrastructure to resolve these issues, whereas companies like Bitrefill operate on a near real-time basis. It was only a matter of time until these different services collided with one another, resulting in an awkward issue for all parties involved. However, the company is doing everything they can to resolve the matter as soon as possible.

This story exposes a major flaw in the world of traditional service providers, where older systems and outdated customer support services can create major issues for consumers. If the telco accepted Bitcoin directly, there would have been less finger pointing, although that wouldn’t mean the funds would get credited any sooner.

Source: Reddit

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