Airbitz Wants to Bring Bitcoin To CS:GO eSports

There is a certain overlap in communities between those who like to play video games and people who are interested in Bitcoin and digital currency. For many of these people in the middle, it would make perfect sense to spend Bitcoin on in-game purchases, or even games themselves. But popular mobile wallet provider Airbitz is taking things one step further, as they want to sponsor an eSports team.

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Airbitz Goes After CS: GO Players

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Spending Bitcoin on games has become relatively easy as of late, thanks to the wide variety of platforms accepting digital currency payments. Services such as G2A, Kinguin, and Gamesplanet have all started experimenting with Bitcoin payments quite some time ago, attracting an even bigger customer base thanks to the borderless nature of digital currency.

Rumours about Steam integrating Bitcoin have also started to surface not too long ago, as a leaked beta client seemed to hint at digital currency integration shortly. However, it has gone relatively quiet on that front for the time being. It would make a lot of sense for players to buy games or items off the Steam Marketplace with Bitcoin, avoiding odd charges on parents’ credit card statements.

But eSports is an industry which stands to gain a lot from embracing Bitcoin as well, as players are always looking for more lucrative sponsorships. What would be more appealing than getting paid to do what one loves, and having the option to keep even more of the money due to lower fees? That seems to be what Airbitz is thinking, as they recently blogged about their willingness to sponsor an entire CS; GO team.

That challenge could be a rather steep one, though, as most gamers have no idea what Bitcoin is or why it should even matter to them. Then again, Airbitz would be an interesting sponsor for just about anyone as it would grant the company a lot of exposure while creating new interaction between gamers and fans or viewers who want to know what this sponsor is all about.

CS: GO Is one of the most popular eSports categories in the world today, next to League of Legends and DOTA. Approaching this community with an enticing offer could sway a few minds, and AirBitz sponsorship applications are open as we speak. Anyone can apply, regardless of how well versed the team is at the time of application.

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