TrustED to Become Binance Chain First ICO Offering

Blockchain Platform for transparent academic credentials verification system, TrustEd has announced a recent partnership with cryptocurrency Exchange giant, Binance. The partnership will pave the way for TrustEd to become the first ICO offering to be launched on Binance Chain.

TrustED’s initial focus was to build its innovative platform on Ethereum blockchain, however this decision was immediately stamped out with the emergence of Binance’s ultra-scalable chain coded by a community of dedicated developers. The new technology aligns with the Australian start-up’s vision to offer a truly secure, fast, transparent and professional field implementation into a global service for academic credential verification via blockchain technology.

The merger establishes TrustED’s enterprise as the first startups to utilize Binance Chain for their customer base. The excitement was expressed by TrustED CEO Kosta Batzavalis:

“Being one the first projects on Binance Chain is not only an honor but also a massive stepping stone for the TrustED project.With Binance technology behind us, TrustED can deliver on SLAs and security requirements necessary to make a blockchain-based academic solution enterprise-grade.”

The Binance Effect

The highly sort after cryptocurrency Exchange, Binance released its public blockchain earlier this year as a solution to foster mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency use cases. Binance aims to close the gap by ensuring its public blockchain enables the transfer and trading of values and information across the blockchain at unprecedented speed all within a robust and secure system.

Furthermore, Binance Chain is designed to provide a seamless flow of tech support to users. The Adelaide-based startup will utilize Binance Chain as an underlying technology in ensuring a sturdy and resilient performance, easy liquidity and a hassle free service can be leveraged at all times.

As a startup set to revolutionize the way academic credentials are shared and verified, TrustED will be able to focus more on its goals while using Binance Chain. Chief Growth Officer at Binance, Ted Lin welcomed the merger, in a statement:

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“Binance Chain and the introduction of the Binance DEX enables thousands of crypto tokens and companies to utilize the technology in an efficient and effective manner. We’re excited to have TrustED be one of the first startups to utilize Binance Chain and look forward to the growth that is to come in further bringing cryptocurrency mainstream.”

Digitalizing Academic Credentials

The verification platform was created back in 2017 as a trusted source for academic credentials, where students are placed in control of who gains access to their digitally shared academic credentials. It is also a place for employers to directly verify documents stored on the timestamped nature of blockchain technology. This approach to the storing and sharing of data will eliminate the possibility of issuing of falsified documents.

The Future is TrustED

TrustED services will offers a much needed digital solution to the education sector through blockchain technology. In light of TrustED forward thinking approach, the platform is already in another partnership with California’s NetObjex a Blockchain for Digital Assets and Data Marketplace. Additionally, TrustED is working tirelessly towards building its application not only as the first Initial Token Offering to take place with the native Binance Chain BEP2 Token standard but as a full fledged blockchain company. As such, the platform hopes to raise funds via a public token offering in the near future.

Read more about TrustED on their website:

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