Binance Donates $1 Million to the Australian Bushfire Donation Project

Bushfires continue to run rampant across Australia. A lot of money will be needed to put this threat to bed, as well as repair the damage done.

The cryptocurrency community can be of great assistance in this regard.

Binance Makes Another Positive Effort

Earlier this week, Binance confirmed it would donate over 118 bitcoin, or nearly $1 million to this cause. 

Given how these wildfires are the worst in decades, it is evident that a lot of financial aid will be needed first and foremost.

Cryptocurrency contributions may offer a small helping hand in this matter. 

When it comes to supporting good causes, bitcoin and altcoin enthusiasts will often step up their game accordingly. 

The Binance Charity Foundation will try to support the cause through its Australian Bushfire Donation project.

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Their current plan is to donate the aforementioned US$ 1 million worth of Binance Coin. 

It appears that anyone else willing to donate BNB can get in on the action.

To date, 20 donations have been received, albeit they have yet to be allocated accordingly. 

This marks another important milestone for the cryptocurrency industry.

It is crucial for bitcoin and other projects to get some positive media attention for a change. 

The efforts by Binance will certainly aid the narrative.

The option to donate will remain accessible to all Binance users for the foreseeable future. 

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