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Binance Backs Controversial Steem Fork Despite Earlier Promises

The ongoing drama involving the Steem project is seemingly not coming to an end just yet. Binance’s involvement in this entire matter is also raising a lot of eyebrows, and may hurt the company’s reputation in the long run. It is evident that Steem underwent yet another hard fork. Binance Gets its Share of Steem Controversy This has become somewhat of a trend ever since its community split into two …
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Does Binance Even Have a Headquarter These Days?

To this day, no one really knows where the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange is headquartered. If Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao has any say in the matter, it will remain like that for quite some time to come. There are many questions as to where Binance’s official offices are located exactly. The Binance Mystery Deepens The world’s biggest crypto exchange has set up operations across many different countries in recent years. …
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Part of the Funds Stolen Through the Upbit Hack has Moved to Binance

In the cryptocurrency world, several exchanges have lost money for a wide variety of reasons. Upbit lost 342,000 Ether in 2019, yet it seems some of the funds may be cashed out fairly soon. It is not uncommon for crypto exchanges to be hacked or drained. Upbit Funds Moves to Binance Although one would expect things to be different after 10 years, that is far from the case. Upbit lost …
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