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Decentralized Social Platform Yours Successfully Integrates Bitcoin Micropayment Functionality

Social media and content creation are both undergoing significant change. That trend will only continue in the years to come, thanks to new platforms putting the user in full control of their data. Yours, an upcoming social network, has been making significant progress on their project. Bitcoin micropayments have been integrated, and the first funding transaction took place on the Bitcoin test network. Yours Engineers Are Making Headway With Their …
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Bitcoin Blockchain-Powered Social Network Yours To Unveil Preview Soon

The Yours platform is getting a lot of attention as of late, even though the project is still under development as we speak.The primary objective of this platform is to create a social platform where content creators can get paid to share their creations. Moreover, users who discover good content can earn money as well. Yours Is Getting Closer To Launch For the time being, it is still difficult to …
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Yours Mixes Bitcoin With Content Discovery

The future of content creation in the media world is very uncertain these days. Advertisement models are on their way out, and paywalls do not work all that well either. Yours, a new platform for content creators, might hold some of the solutions content creators have been looking for. Making Money With Content On The Yours Platform It is important to note the Yours platform – formerly known as Datt …
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