Yours Mixes Bitcoin With Content Discovery

The future of content creation in the media world is very uncertain these days. Advertisement models are on their way out, and paywalls do not work all that well either. Yours, a new platform for content creators, might hold some of the solutions content creators have been looking for.

Making Money With Content On The Yours Platform

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It is important to note the Yours platform – formerly known as Datt – is not focusing purely on letting content creators monetize their creations. The primary goal of this platform is to let users discover new content they take a liking to, and for content creators to reach a new audience all over the world.

There is a lot of content out there on the Internet, yet a lot of people struggle to find exactly what they are looking for. Video content, for example, can be accessed in abundance, but it is difficult to stand out among the myriad of similar content creators unless one was part of Youtube from day one.

Yours want to incentivize users to discover new content, and get paid to do it. All of the content posted by creators is a “personal stake” into the growth of Yours. After all, such a platform can’t grow without content creators, and as more people find their way to the platform, viewership, and potential earnings will increase.

Getting content projected onto the eyeballs of a global audience is not easy these days, and Yours wants to be a platform to facilitate this process. More places where people can find your specific content will eventually lead to more eyeballs, but necessarily a higher revenue. With Yours, content consumers can directly reward creators, and do so in Bitcoin.

Whether or not Yours will be the platform where content creators can finally show off their strengths, remains to be seen, though. Bitcoin still is a very niche market, and although the concept of a global payment solution sounds great on paper, there are not enough Bitcoin users to make Yours a platform which lets people quit their job. But that was never the intended goal either, by the look of things.

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