Bitcoin Blockchain-Powered Social Network Yours To Unveil Preview Soon

The Yours platform is getting a lot of attention as of late, even though the project is still under development as we speak.The primary objective of this platform is to create a social platform where content creators can get paid to share their creations. Moreover, users who discover good content can earn money as well.

Yours Is Getting Closer To Launch

For the time being, it is still difficult to say how the Yours platform will look exactly. It is clear this is an effort to create the platform that Reddit always wanted to be, but never succeeded in achieving. Although Reddit is touted as the front page of the Internet, censorship issues have been plaguing this project for many years now.

Moreover, the majority of social sharing platforms in the world right now do not offer a proper incentive for content creators and users. Some efforts like these have been created in the past, and Steemit is one of the most recent examples of how all of this can be achieved. However, Yours wants to take things one step further, by letting creators own their content.

The user base for Yours can be as small or as large as people want it to be. There are many content creators in the world, ranging from musicians to photographers, and writers to artists. All of these people deserve a chance to fully own their content at all times while being incentivized to share it with the world and gain a monetary reward from doing so.

Offering such a complete solution is not an easy task, which explains why the team is taking their time to reveal the specifics to the public. Platforms like these should not be rushed, and Yours wants to stand out from any other social offering in the world today. All of this will be powered by the Bitcoin blockchain, which will attribute to the decentralization and content control aspects.

For now, interested users can sign up for the upcoming Yours preview. There is no information as to whether or not the number of invites will be limited. Signing up will only require an email address, and the preview invite should arrive in one’s mailbox in the following weeks.

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