Decentralized Social Platform Yours Successfully Integrates Bitcoin Micropayment Functionality

Social media and content creation are both undergoing significant change. That trend will only continue in the years to come, thanks to new platforms putting the user in full control of their data. Yours, an upcoming social network, has been making significant progress on their project. Bitcoin micropayments have been integrated, and the first funding transaction took place on the Bitcoin test network.

Yours Engineers Are Making Headway With Their Project

Building a new social network from the ground up is never an easy task. If it were, Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit would have never seen the success they experienced so far. But things will need to come to change, as these platforms control user content. That is not how social media was intended to be created.

Decentralised social networks are under development as we speak. Yours, while overlooked by a lot of people right now, aims to become the network Reddit always wanted to be, but never achieved. On paper, that already sounds interesting enough for most people, but it is only the beginning.

What will make Yours stand out from other platforms is how users will control their content. There is no overarching company to invoke censorship or delete content on a whim’s notice. Everything will be decentralised, the way social media should have been from day one. Accessible to anyone, anywhere, from any device they prefer to use.

To make things even more intriguing, Yours will integrate Bitcoin payments. Users can tip and reward other content creators or some of their “fans” on the platform. Monetization of social media has always been a double-edged sword at best. It is far too easy to create “circle” where users can upvote other’s posts to improve their chances of getting more tips.

Whether or not Yours will be able to overcome that issue, remains to be seen. But we do know Bitcoin payments have been integrated into your core functionality of the platform. Moreover, the first funding transaction on the Bitcoin testnet was broadcasted yesterday evening. All of this seems to hint at an impending launch of the platform, heralding a bright future for social media.

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