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xDedic Darknet Marketplace Specializes in Selling Access to School and University Servers

Dedicated servers have always been a great tool for hackers to execute countless nefarious activities. What is rather disconcerting is how underground markets often specialize in selling access to such hacked servers. The xDedic marketplace is home to quite a few of these offerings, most of which are hacked servers belonging to schools and universities. xDedic Marketplace Has Plenty of Server Listings Peddling illegal goods and services on the darknet …
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Revamped xDedic Darknet Marketplace Now Has A Membership Fee

Darknet markets come and go at regular intervals, but xDedic is one of the few who came back with some bang. After going down quite some time ago, no one expected xDedic to come back. Lo and behold, the marketplace is accessible once again, assuming users want to pay a US$50 enrollment. xDedic Has Come Back From The Dead Users of the xDedic darknet marketplace were quite surprised when the …
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