Revamped xDedic Darknet Marketplace Now Has A Membership Fee

Darknet markets come and go at regular intervals, but xDedic is one of the few who came back with some bang. After going down quite some time ago, no one expected xDedic to come back. Lo and behold, the marketplace is accessible once again, assuming users want to pay a US$50 enrollment.

xDedic Has Come Back From The Dead

Users of the xDedic darknet marketplace were quite surprised when the platform disappeared a month ago. Thanks to a published Kaspersky Security report, it became apparent the platform was facilitating the sale of compromised RDP servers, and users could access roughly 70,000 servers in total.

From the information we have received, it became apparent xDedic was operated by a gang of Russian members, who were selling access to these servers for as little as US$6 each. However, once the Kaspersky report was published, the site went offline rather quickly, without further notice on whether or not it would return.

While xDedic might be accessible once again, the old user database has not been transferred to the new domain just yet. This may have been a deliberate decision to avoid the platform being probed by law enforcement agencies. After all, that is one of the main concerns when a darknet marketplace resurfaces all of a sudden.

Interestingly enough, the renewed xDedic darknet marketplace is open to the registration of new accounts. But there is a twist, as new members must pay a one-time fee of US$50 to gain access to the platform. It is anybody’s guess as to why this decision was made, albeit everyone who owns a website needs to monetize it somehow.

Kaspersky has noted the return of xDedic and immediately started to collaborate with law enforcement agencies to nip this “threat” in the bud. Bringing down this marketplace will be a difficult challenge, though, as no one knows for sure of the same Russian group is behind the resurfaced platform.

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