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Autistic British Hacker Laurie Love is Facing Extradition to the U.S. and 99 Years in Prison

The British hacker accused of hacking U.S. Government computers could face 99 years in prison. Lauri Love, a very skilled hacker, who also suffers from a form of Autism; known as Asperger’s Syndrome, could be extradited for his crimes against the U.S. government. “If I went into a U.S. prison, I don’t think I’d leave again,” Love said in an interview with the BBC. Love has been on the FBI’s …
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U.S. Government is Backing Research Projects in Hopes of De-Anonymizing Bitcoin Transactions

Sandia Research is being backed by the U.S. Government in the creation of a tool that will help law enforcement de anonymize bitcoin transactions. Bitcoin is becoming all but mainstream these days, with more and more businesses and entities all over the world accepting bitcoin as a method of payment. People even work, and get paid in Bitcoin. With the gain in popularity, it’s no wonder that law enforcement would …
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