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Bitcoin Service Cointocard Is a Risky Service

Whenever a new service launches in the world of Bitcoin and digital currency, there is a mix of excitement and disappointment at the same time. Although the service offered by Cointocard sounds very appealing, there are serious doubts regarding its legitimacy. Moreover, the associated fees are ridiculously high, although they do not increase when higher amounts of funds are involved. All things considering,¬†use this platform at your own risk, as …
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Third-Party Telco Messes Up Bitcoin Mobile Top-up Through Bitrefill

Even though Bitcoin can be used to complete a variety of actions, some services will only work well as long as the other service providers they are linked up with, do the job well. In the case of Bitrefill, a report has surfaced about one of their mobile recharges being stuck with the operator itself. As a result, the end customer unable to top up their credit with Bitcoin in …
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