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Samsung’s Tizen Smart Device Operating System Contains Dozens of Vulnerabilities

It is always troubling to find out consumer-grade electronics are increasingly vulnerable to hacking. In this particular case, Samsung devices have proven to be vulnerable to as many as 40 zero-day exploits. To be more precise, it appears devices running on the Tizen OS are vulnerable to these exploits, which is of particular concern. Tizen OS Is Far Less Secure Than Assumed Any operating system in the world suffers from …
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Tizen Mobile App Incentive Program Opens Opportunities For Bitcoin Wallet Developers

Samsung has taken a big hit to their public relations image ever since the Note 7 debacle started to arise. To make up for this problem, the team is launching a new campaign with attractive prize pools for developers of Tizen apps. It appears that Samsung wants to put a bigger focus on their proprietary operating system, which suffers from a lack of apps right now. Samsung Offers Handsome Rewards …
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