Tizen Mobile App Incentive Program Opens Opportunities For Bitcoin Wallet Developers

Samsung has taken a big hit to their public relations image ever since the Note 7 debacle started to arise. To make up for this problem, the team is launching a new campaign with attractive prize pools for developers of Tizen apps. It appears that Samsung wants to put a bigger focus on their proprietary operating system, which suffers from a lack of apps right now.

Samsung Offers Handsome Rewards to Tizen Developers

Developing an app store on a less popular mobile operating system is not an easy feat these days–not even for companies with a global appeal such as Samsung, as the technology giant struggles to bolster its Tizen app store. But a new marketing campaign should help address this problem, and developers have a very real chance to pocket some good money.

To be more precise, Samsung will run a competition between February and October of 2017. App developers can earn up to US$10,000 per month if their app makes it to the monthly top 100 of app store downloads. This is an interesting concept, although it remains to be seen how easily developers can game the system with fake download numbers.

The total prize pool for this initiative sits at nearly US$10m, which is quite a big pile of cash. The Tizen Mobile App Incentive Program has a lot of merit on paper, as the Tizen platform desperately needs some more popular applications. At the same time, its program runs during the launch period of upcoming Samsung Tizen phones.

For now, there is a lot of confusion regarding the incentive rules. While it sounds possible that developers can earn multiple rewards if their app gets into the top 100 for consecutive months, the fine print indicates that there will only be one reward per app at any given time. Some clarification on this front is direly needed, and we can only hope that Samsung explains this a bit further in the coming weeks.

Additionally, there is some confusion about the official Tizen applications currently available in App Store. Although these apps will be exempt from participating in the competition, developers will have to compete with these listings to get into the top 100. This is another caveat that needs sorting out before the initiative goes live come February.

Bitcoin wallet developers may want to keep an eye on this competition. Although Tizen represents a very small minority of the mobile operating system market, developing a Bitcoin wallet could be worth the time. It is also a great way to sneak into the top 100 of apps for a particular month, as there is no competition for similar offerings right now.

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