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Devices Infected With New Ransomware Versions Will Execute DDoS Attacks

A combination of Ransomware and DDoS attacks is heralding a new wave of cyber attacks against consumers and enterprises around the world. Security experts are concerned this may become a standard practice going forward; this is not good news by any means. Ransomware And DDoS Is A Potent Mix Over the past few years, ransomware attacks have become the norm rather than an exception. But the people responsible for these …
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G7 Lobbies For Better Cybersecurity Solutions By October 2016

Cybersecurity remains a major concern, and now that the G7 is getting involved in the discussion, changes may be coming very soon. Thinking this issue will go away on its own will yield even more worrying results than right now, and undertaking action is the only course available. G7 Wants A Proper Cybersecurity Framework A lot of people are getting concerned over the recent string of cyber attacks against the …
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