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The BitFury Group Begins Exploring Blockchain Software

Bitfury Group CEO and Co-founder, Valery Vavilov, announced today that Bitfury will be expanding the scope of its business activities into all sectors of the blockchain ecosystem. Vavilov explained that Bitfury’s success in the mining hardware industry has laid the groundwork for the company to start exploring the software aspect of the blockchain industry, “We are evolving our business to become a full service technology company.” he adds. Most recently, …
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The Bitfury Group Brings Blockchain Technology to the Republic of Georgia

San Francisco-based bitcoin mining hardware manufacturer Bitfury Group has partnered with world-famous Peruvian economist Hernando de Soto, and his Institute for Liberty and Democracy, to bring blockchain technology to the land title registry of the Republic of Georgia. BitFury Group CEO Valery Vavilov sees this partnership as an opportunity to show the world how versatile and applicable the blockchain really is, “We are uniquely positioned in the Blockchain ecosystem to …
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