The BitFury Group Begins Exploring Blockchain Software

Bitfury Group CEO and Co-founder, Valery Vavilov, announced today that Bitfury will be expanding the scope of its business activities into all sectors of the blockchain ecosystem.

Vavilov explained that Bitfury’s success in the mining hardware industry has laid the groundwork for the company to start exploring the software aspect of the blockchain industry, “We are evolving our business to become a full service technology company.” he adds.

Most recently, BitFury Group collaborated with famed Peruvian economist Hernando de Soto, on a blockchain property title registry for the Republic of Georgia, which is one example of the company’s strategy to open up bitcoin’s blockchain to governments and industry.

Vavilov states in today’s announcement:

“With the help and expertise of The BitFury Group, we will ensure that any business, organization, individual or government will successfully plug into the Blockchain — we make it easy, fast, cost-effective and secure.”

According to the release, Bitfury Group has plans to venture into the field of blockchain forensics, which Vavilov believes will be indispensable to law enforcement agencies as they try to tackle illicit activities on the blockchain, “Supported by regulators and law enforcement, Blockchain adoption will rapidly accelerate, providing ultimate security and bringing new opportunities.” said Vavilov.

The Bitfury Group is also planning to launch a platform-as-a-service blockchain cloud infrastructure, which will support permissioned as well as permissionless chains. Vavilov’s comments also indicate that Bitfury will be launching their own blockchain “information hub” that collects and organizes bitcoin transactional data in an easily-to-understand format:

“The goal is to demystify the Blockchain by making information available and easy to digest, and establish this portal as a trusted source of information for all-things Blockchain.”

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