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First Blockchain + Healthcare Summit to Take Place on October 3

After DEVCON2 and the Global Blockchain Summit gathered experts and entrepreneurs from all around the world in Shangai, Nashville will host the first Blockchain summit focused on the healthcare sector and possible use cases.  ‘The Blockchain’ has effectively become a new paradigm –with many arguing that it has become a mere buzzword– business man, developers and experts are wondering how to apply good old’ Satoshi’s invention in their systems. This time, the …
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What to Expect From DEVCON2 and The Global Blockchain Summit

DEVCON2 is the second installment of the Ethereum’s Developer Conference, an R&D-focused event to put exciting projects in the spotlight.  Developers, investors, users and community members of the ‘crypto sphere’ from all over the world will meet in Shangai, China, the reason? the biggest Blockchain event of the year. The event will span for 6 days and will be comprised of three separate presentations: DEVCON2 (from September 19-21): the most important …
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