What to Expect From DEVCON2 and The Global Blockchain Summit

DEVCON2 is the second installment of the Ethereum’s Developer Conference, an R&D-focused event to put exciting projects in the spotlight. 

Developers, investors, users and community members of the ‘crypto sphere’ from all over the world will meet in Shangai, China, the reason? the biggest Blockchain event of the year. The event will span for 6 days and will be comprised of three separate presentations:

  • DEVCON2 (from September 19-21): the most important Ethereum presentation event of the year, developers from all over the world will join together to present their projects, ideas and ‘proof-of-concepts’. The conference is the second installment of the original DEVCON –which was held in London, 2015–.
  • Demo Day (September 22): according to the organizer’s official website, Demo Day will cover “15 Blockchain oriented startups and projects, with their respective field of applications”.  The goal is to enable them to “present their progress and development to major investors and innovators, and to explore potential entrepreneurship opportunity in China”.
  • 2nd Global Blockchain Summit (from September 23-24): This event will enable developers and companies to reveal their new applications, the organizers expect not only ‘proof-of-concepts’ but real-world applications that are ready to be implemented.

Ethereum Foundation members will attend DEVCON2, with some of them giving keynotes and presentations. One of the most technically-heavy ones is titled the ‘Towards Web3 Infrastructure‘ talk, led by Developer Viktor Trón, the presentation will focus on the base and extended protocols of the Ethereum ecosystem.

With some people arguing that Blockchain has become a buzzword, and consulting agency Gartner adding Blockchain to their ‘Hype Cycle for emerging technology, 2016’ graph, it has become clear that the Blockchain space needs more real-world applications.



The analysis Gartner gives is that Blockchain is currently at the top of the ‘hype’ cycle, which is another word for bubble –and ready to burst–. Only time will tell if further investment in the Blockchain space will be made by the more ‘established’ technology companies.

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