First Blockchain + Healthcare Summit to Take Place on October 3

After DEVCON2 and the Global Blockchain Summit gathered experts and entrepreneurs from all around the world in Shangai, Nashville will host the first Blockchain summit focused on the healthcare sector and possible use cases. 

‘The Blockchain’ has effectively become a new paradigm –with many arguing that it has become a mere buzzword– business man, developers and experts are wondering how to apply good old’ Satoshi’s invention in their systems.

This time, the first blockchain + healthcare summit is set to take place in Nashville, Tennessee, October 3. The summit will gather ‘healthcare leaders’ from around the world to ‘reimagine’ workflows, digital medical records, pharmaceutical inventory management, among others.

The event will be comprised of a 24-hour hackathon –to take place on October 1–. Up to $28,500 in prizes will be awarded, the grand prize is $10,000 USD paid in bitcoin to the winning team.

Developers, students and aspiring entrepreneurs will have 24 hours to showcase their skills and vision using the APIs, SDKs and other tools from today’s leading innovators in healthcare. The challenge is to build the tech that will power the healthcare infrastructure of the future. The competition is being held at the Nashville Entrepreneur Center, and will be judged by a panel of experts looking for the the next big, disruptive ideas.

Keynote speakers include Chris Kay, CIO of Humana, a healthcare insurance provider firm. Charlie Martin, a businessman with over 20 years of experience in the healthcare sector, and Micah Winkelspecht, CEO and founder of the Blockchain startup Gem. The company provides Blockchain infrastructure and services to its customers and will be the presenter of the summit.

The panel of speakers is comprised of 64 members and includes researchers, executive directors, lawyers, and developers, Jeff Garzik, ex-bitcoin core developer will attend the summit.

It is no coincidence that the summit will be held in Nashville, Tennesse. The city is the home of more than 250 healthcare companies, the organizers of the summit claim that the health industry employs 20% of Nashville workers (more than 126,000 jobs).

Image via Wikimedia