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Cryptocurrency Guide for College Students

Cryptocurrency or popularly coins can ruin the financial technology world. Or to be more accurate, it already has! Cryptocurrency revolutionizes the very concept of money. This is not only limited to sending and receiving payment. It extends to investing and other aspects of money too. Сryptocurrency today has a market value of almost over a whopping $820.6 billion. Its investment value justifies hiring academic writers and asking them- do my …
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Kraken Contest Results are in: Invest in Bitcoins, But Don’t Disregard Ethereum

There are more than 100 cryptocurrencies out there, each one with their own use case, market capitalization, and user base. Virtually anyone with the right skill-set can create their own currency. The open nature of crypto and its FOSS philosophy makes it easy for people to adopt it or invest in it. The hard part of launching a cryptocurrency is gathering adoption from the public. The cryptocurrency space has always …
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Blockchain Education Network Unveils Bitcoin Airdrop Plans

Bitcoin airdrops are an excellent way to get cryptocurrency in the hands of as many people as possible. Various blockchain hubs located across North America will hand out Bitcoin to start the new school year. The Bitcoin Airdrop, as this giveaway is known as, is quickly becoming a yearly event students can look forward to. Bitcoin Airdrop 2016 Is Almost Upon Us The concept of airdropping Bitcoin dates back to …
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