Blockchain Education Network Unveils Bitcoin Airdrop Plans

Bitcoin airdrops are an excellent way to get cryptocurrency in the hands of as many people as possible. Various blockchain hubs located across North America will hand out Bitcoin to start the new school year. The Bitcoin Airdrop, as this giveaway is known as, is quickly becoming a yearly event students can look forward to.

Bitcoin Airdrop 2016 Is Almost Upon Us

The concept of airdropping Bitcoin dates back to 2014. MIT Bitcoin Club was the first to hand out paper wallets loaded with fractional amounts of Bitcoin to students on campus. A total of US$500,000 was raised and given away to all new freshmen on the premises. Last year, Montreal’s McGill Cryptocurrency Club conducted a similar event, as they received various Bitcoin donations to give away.

Bitcoin traditions, few as there may be, need to be maintained and upheld. For the year 2016, the Blockchain Education Network has planned something slightly different from previous years. Giving away Bitcoin is great, but it does not explain why cryptocurrency and blockchain technology are vital to students attending classes today.

A stronger focus on cryptocurrency and blockchain education has been direly needed for several years now. No one will say no to free money, but the goal is to grow the Bitcoin system with active members. Blockchain Education Network wants to ensure the education presented at every meeting related to that specific region.

With a dozen regions participating in this Bitcoin Airdrop, it will be the biggest event of its kind to date. Blockchain hubs ranging from New York to Chicago and Montreal to Vancouver will all participate in giving away Bitcoins to students. At the same time, they will focus on educating the masses as to why this technology matters.

Albeit roughly 500 students receiving free Bitcoin over the next few weeks may not seem like much, it is a step in the right direction. Showing new “generations” of students show the technology works will bear fruits of labour in the future. It takes time for these concepts to gain traction, and Bitcoin and the blockchain will be no different in that regard.

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