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Sony Taps Blockchain to Revamp Public Transport During Coronavirus Crisis

In times of corona, there are ample ways to rethink existing business models. Sony, the entertainment and electronics company, is looking to use blockchain for public transportation. There is no shortage of potential use cases for blockchain technology. Blockchain, Sony, and Public Transport Most of the efforts being explored pertain to finances, which is to be expected. For Sony, however, it would appear that an entirely different approach is needed. …
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Sony Launches Blockchain Innovation Challenge

Tech giant Sony has partnered with Matchi, a matchmaking firm that connects fintech innovators and businesses, on a blockchain competition called the FinTech Innovation Challenge. The event requires participants to design blockchain-based solutions to tackle various challenges in the six different industries; Web Bank Interaction for high Net Worth Individuals; Financial Services for Travelers; Entertainment; Education/Financial Management Services for Youth; Client Engagement for the Underbanked/Underinvested; Super Smart Authentication. The Entertainment …
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