Sony Taps Blockchain to Revamp Public Transport During Coronavirus Crisis

In times of corona, there are ample ways to rethink existing business models. Sony, the entertainment and electronics company, is looking to use blockchain for public transportation.

There is no shortage of potential use cases for blockchain technology.

Blockchain, Sony, and Public Transport

Most of the efforts being explored pertain to finances, which is to be expected.

For Sony, however, it would appear that an entirely different approach is needed.

The company expressed its plan to use blockchain for public transportation purposes. 

More specifically, it would leverage the coronavirus crisis to build a new system to store data pertaining to public transport.

As most forms of transport are currently inaccessible due to the coronavirus, looking at things from a different perspective can be worthwhile.

Sony’s main focus is on data integration and service provision across different forms of transportation.

This will also include rental bicycles, taxis, and car-sharing services.

Replacing siloed interfaces with a universal solution will benefit everyone involved.

Sony’s Blockchain Common Database is capable of processing big amounts of data, 

Ensuring this new system replaces the current infrastructure will be challenging.

It is not impossible by any means, but it will take ample time  to convince everyone that this option has potential.