Social Media

Upcoming Steemit Features Will Give The Platform More Mainstream Appeal

Steemit has quickly become one of the most popular social platforms in the world today. The team behind this project…

5 years ago

Homeland Security Wants Social Media Information of US Travelers

Privacy should be a matter near and dear to all of our hearts. But if it were up to US…

5 years ago

Even Mark Zuckerberg Uses The Same Password Several Times

No one is safe from hackers these days, especially not if one’s name is Mark Zuckerberg. Albeit he had various…

5 years ago

Coinbase Takes KYC To A New Level By Asking LinkedIn Information

Nearly every Bitcoin exchange in the world is adhering to KYC and AML requirements as they want to protect their…

6 years ago

Europol Report Shows Terrorists Are Not Using Bitcoin

A recent publication by the International Business Times finally sheds some light on how terrorist organization ISIS has never used…

6 years ago

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