Upcoming Steemit Features Will Give The Platform More Mainstream Appeal

Steemit has quickly become one of the most popular social platforms in the world today. The team behind this project continues to expand the feature set. New popular social media features will be added to boost the mainstream appeal of this platform. Core features, such as being paid to post and vote on other posts, will remain unchanged.

Steemit Has Some Big Plans To Increase Its Appeal

Getting paid to be part of a social network is a revolutionary concept, which has attracted a lot of positive attention for Steemit. At the same time, there is a demand for additional features. One of the first things that will be added is private messaging. Up until now, users were not able to have private chat conversations with one another. Such a feature will improve the appeal of Steemit.

But there’s more coming, as notifications and follow buttons are being added soon as well. While not everyone may be for notifications, not knowing what is going on is even more annoying. It is expected users can customise notifications to suit their needs, though. A follow button will make it easier to keep tabs on what particular people are talking about.

Steemit CEO Ned Scott explained the changes as follows:

“Enhancing the diversity of our application-specific blockchain is a natural progression for Steemit. Private messaging is perfectly suited for a decentralized system and will empower users in a similar way to how direct messages empower users on Twitter. The ‘follow’ feature will enable community members to receive notifications as soon as their favourite authors post, and the notifications will work just like Facebook in that users will be alerted immediately upon a new post or upvote from their favorite contributors. These features are the pillars of current social media giants, and we look forward to integrating them into Steemit over the coming weeks.”

It has to be said, Steemit has no complaints regarding its user base so far. New members are signing up every week, and over 70,000 registered accounts have been created already. With these new features to be added shortly, that number will most likely continue to go up. While it may take  awhile before Steemit is on the same level as Twitter or Facebook, they seem to be heading in the right direction.

Furthermore, third-party apps are being developed at an accelerated pace. Over 60 tools are available on the Steemtools platform. As more people join the network, more apps will be requested and developed as well. Last but not least, Steemit introduced a Partner Enabled Account Recovery security protocol in July. This lets users choose a Partner on the Steem blockchain who will vouch for their ownership of the account.

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