Even Mark Zuckerberg Uses The Same Password Several Times

No one is safe from hackers these days, especially not if one’s name is Mark Zuckerberg. Albeit he had various social media accounts hijacked, his Facebook account remained untouched. As it turns out, some of his passwords were used for LinkedIn as well, and hackers abused those credentials after the list of passwords was dumped last month.

Marck Zuckerberg Social Accounts Breached

TheMerkle_Account Hijacking Mark Zuckerberg

Although exact details regarding the breached social media accounts are hard to come by, it appears somebody hijacked Zuck’s Pinterest and Twitter accounts. Sources claim the hacker – or hackers – found the password as part of the LinkedIn data dump which took place last month. Oddly enough, the password was “dadada”, which is far from secure.

Whether or not those claims are true, remains to be seen. But it turns out they may have control over Zuckerberg’s Instagram account as well, albeit that has not been confirmed just yet. If this would be the case, however, it would be very bad news, considering Instagram is owned by Facebook.

Twitter reacted proactively to this news, as they shut out the assailants and restored account access to Zuckerberg himself. Any offense messages posted on his social media account in the meantime have been deleted as well. By the look of things, the OurMine collective is behind these breaches.

That being said, no one knows who or what OurMine is. It is impossible to tell whether this is one person or a collective, and where he/she/they might originate from. Moreover, they did not seem to have any malicious intentions when they hijacked the account, and the damage could have been far more severe.

This story once goes to show how password security should be taken much more serious, even by people such as Mark Zuckerberg. Using a short password with just letters or digits makes the hijacked job for assailants only easier. It is not overly difficult or inconvenient to create a secure password for every site.

Source: Naked Security

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